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Building a CentOS 6.4 cluster

Base installation idea/instructions of the cluster:

After installing CentOS in each of the VMs with network adapters, install webmin:

To autostart webmin as a level 3 (normal run level) service:

chkconfig –level 3 webmin on

Note that chkconfig will only configure the service, not actually start it.  To start it before the next reboot:

service webmin start

And update /etc/sysconfig/iptables to allow port 10000 (same syntax as port 22 allow.)

Install ntp – clients will point to each vm in the cluster:

Get loginless ssh going:  You may need to reset SELinux.  On the target, do a “restorecon -R -v /root/.ssh” – see

Then install DRBD.  Contrary to the DBRD website, this isn’t in CentOS’ extra repository.  Use El Repo’s repository instead:  Info on DBRD here:  You’ll need both drbd84-utils and kmod-drbd84.


Shorewall install on a Hyper-V Centos 6.4

Installation of redundant Shorewall firewalls w/ PPTP: (minimal instructions in reverse order, just for fun)

Need to comment out binaddr in radiusclient.conf:

Need to “alias” radiusclient-ng to radiusclient: cd /etc/; ln -s /etc/radiusclient-ng radiusclient

Link to RADIUS client install:

Link to install instructions for PPTP server:

but better instructions at:

Link to install instructions for Shorewall on Centos via RPM:

Link to install Keepalived:

Link to install Wemin:

Link to setting default route in CentOS (DEFROUTE=no on local interfaces):

Configuring a network adapter for CenOS under Hyper-V:

Note: for V 3.4 of Integration Services, use RPM under RHEL63