ZeroShell in Hyper-V

Getting ZeroShell installed into a VM is a bit of a trick:

  1. download the 2.0 RC2 .iso and corresponding 2GB .img.gz file from
  2. Make a .iso file from the .img.gz.  I used ImgBurn for this.
  3. Make a new VM with 2 GB hard disk, and add a 2nd CD-ROM
  4. Put the RC2 .iso on CD-ROM1 and the .iso from step 2 on CD-ROM2
  5. Boot the VM
  6. Select ‘S’ to get to the shell prompt
  7. Make a mount point for CD-ROM2 with mkdir /mnt/cdrom
  8. Mount CD-ROM2 with mount /dev/sr1 /mnt/cdrom
  9. Copy the .img into the disk with gunzip -c /mnt/cdrom/ZeroShell-2.0.RC2-IDE-USB-SATA-Disk-2GB.img.gz > /dev/sda
  10. Shutdown the VM with halt
  11. Remove the .isos from the VM
  12. Boot up the VM
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